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Child Custody

Let us help you draw up a calendar for joint, partial custody of your minor children.

Virtual Paralegals

If you are a sole practitioner and you want to keep costs down, let our virtual paralegals handle the administrative work for you.


Okay, you've decided to file bankruptcy and you know which bankruptcy you would like to file. Let us fill out and organize your information to make your court appearance easier.

Post Conviction Relief

If your past is not allowing you to move on with your future, we can assist you with expungements or record sealing.


If you and your spouse would like to pursue an uncontested divorce, we have the answer for you. We take care of the paperwork, you appear, and you are done.


Deposition Suites

Do you need a place to meet for negotiations, mediation, or arbitration? We have deposition suites readily available for you to use. Schedule yours today.

Paternity Testing

Not sure who the father of your child is? Maybe you are not sure if you are the father. Paternity testing is crucial in child support cases.

Contract Review

Contracts can be scary especially when you are not familiar with legal terms. Let our attorneys review the contract before you sign so you may sign with confidence.

Expert Witness

When you need knowledgeable testimony in a certain situation, let us find the expert you need to help your case.

Court Appearance Attorney

You can't be at two places at once. If your schedule gets too full and you are unable to get to court, let us help with one of our court appearance attorneys.

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I needed a fresh start and North American Litigation Services made it possible. They assisted me in getting an expunction and now I can apply for jobs with confidence.

Raquel  Bertling